A team of our regular multi-skilled repairers is now ready to repair your 'essential' items.  These are currently food preparation/kitchen equipment, garden machinery and entertainment devices such as televisions, laptops etc.  Depending on demand, the service will offer a wider range of repairs in the coming weeks.  If you need an item repaired, please email the address below for a copy of the guidelines and the registration form.


email address: repaircafemalvernhills@gmail.com


Repair Cafe Malvern Hills celebrated its seventh anniversary on 2nd December  2019.  It is now one of the most successful and longest-running  Repair Cafes in the UK.  There are almost 120 across England and Wales,  a number that is continuing to grow.   Six repairers who were at our first event at Malvern Cube in 2012 are still with us as we enter the new year and decade of 2020. 

Our talented team of 40 volunteers bring a diverse range of  practical and sewing skills to each session.  Our front-of-house and catering teams ensure that the registration process is smooth and welcoming and that you can relax over a cup of coffee and read the Saturday newspapers while you are waiting.

Our growing team means that volunteers do not have to commit to helping every month although most prefer to come along as they so enjoy it!   If you're interested in fixing 'stuff', meeting and helping people or even just washing up, please do get in touch via our Contact page - or call in at the next session and ask  for Jan or Chris Dyer. 









Repair Cafe Malvern Hills joined the BIG FIX 2020!

Big Fix 2019 was held in Exeter when six of the then nine Repair Cafes in Devon came together under one roof to repair almost 300 items in one day. 


BIG FIX 2020  was repeated this year and encouraged as many as possible of the 100 plus UK-based Repair Cafes listed on the Repair Cafe International website to open on 15th February 2020.  We're now waiting to hear from the organisers just how many items were repaired to make it the world's biggest repair session!

Despite the appalling weather, Malvernians turned out to support us and 65 registrations were completed.  As always, electrical repairs were most in demand but the sewing team and sharpening section were also busy.  The reputation of our clock repairer ensures that he is kept busy all morning.  Clocks are challenging and often need to be left for some time in a quiet and stable environment.  So Alex usually takes home several clocks each month so he can give them the TLC and attention they need in the security of his workshop.








The Repair Cafe West Midlands project is going well and each week we hear from communities across the UK asking for advice on how to start a Repair Cafe.

Locally, we're currently supporting new Repair Cafes in:








Have you ever considered opening a Repair Cafe in your community but don't know how or where to start?

We're always more than happy to advise and guide you through the process and we can even provide some funding and resources to help you get started.  If you'd like to chat about this, please contact Jan or Chris via the contact form on this website or email:


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